- Reviews of clients, participants and TV viewers - without completeness -
"You are amazing!", You are the devil!", You are genius!" /Guests of the Carnival Cruise Lines/
" There is a strong, mental vibration in Máté. His performance is refined, simple, but very impressive. Máté's got a very strong charisma. If you see him, you believe in him. /Uri Geller, mystic/
"He's entertaining, he can see into women's minds, he can stop his heartbeat." /TV2/
"I can safely say that now we're going to present you pictures that no one could ever see before on Hungarian television!" /Zoltán Somogyi, presenter on stopping the heartbeat/
"I believe that you can regulate your heartbeat. At the beginning, I distinctly felt his pulse and then it began fading until it practically disappeared." /Sylvi Bódi, photo model/
"He measurably stopped his heartbeat" /Magazine Nyitott Szemmel (With Eyes Open)/
"It's been a huge experience for me! Thanks!" /Mónika Ullmann, actress/
"It was Máté who I liked the most because he guessed my thought, he knew which music I was thinking of and it's wonderful! The only thing I'm asking from him now is not to think with my head anymore!" /Hajnalka Szentiványi - Dundika, playmate/
"What you're doing is unbelievable! My friends don't believe that the viewers aren't engaged in a plot!" /Nóra Ömböly client - Wedding Exhibition at László Papp Sport Arena/
"Dear Máté! I'd like to thank you for the experience you give me week by week." H.T.
"I don't believe in these kind of things, but you have impressed me by your personality! I respect you and what you do! Congratulations!" V.K.
"I like you (in the positive sense) because you are a very sensitive person and you are a good person and this can easily be noticed!" V.M.
"Hi Máté, somehow it always made happy when I saw you on stage." S.R.
"Máté, you don't need to become the next Uri Geller! You are Máté Rakonczai and that's why people love You!" N.T.
"You are a true mentalist, YOU ARE THE SUCCESSOR URI GELLER!" T.B.
"Congratulations for having reached your dreams! Take care!" V.B.
"Dear Máté, we met at a dinner in Cathedral Restaurant last Friday. I'd like to congratulate you for your show. It was a real entertainment and your performance made a great impression on me. You fascinated me. You are a nice, pleasing, kind person. It's been a pleasure to see you and to talk with you. I wish you a lot of success for the future!" Szilvi

Theatre show:
- Máté Rakonczai - the mentalist (Komédium Theatre, Budapest)
Cooperation with theatres, teaching tricks:
- National Theatre of Pécs: Richard III
- Palace of Arts Budapest, Bozsik Yvette Company: The Magic Flute
- New Line Agency ltd., I' m FILM: XAYRON
- Carnival Cruise Lines
Cultural events:
- Museum Of Fine Arts, Budapest - Ringier Népszabadság Awards
- Herend Porcelain Museum - The Night of Museums
- New York Café, Boscolo Luxury Hotel Budapest - I.W.C.A.
- Budapest Sportaréna - Wedding Exhibition
- Meeting of Sceptics - Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Physics
- Hotel Fenyőharaszt - wedding
- Hollywood Magic Castle (Academy of Magical Arts), Los Angeles
- Queen Mary - Royal Salon, Long beach
- Mango's Tropical Café, Miami
- Jokers Wild Comedy Night Club - Atlantis Hotel, The Bahamas
- Woodoo Museum, New Orleans
- Boot Yard Beach, Bridgetown, Barbados
- Royal Palm Beach, Senor Frogs, Kayman-islands
- Half Moon Cay Beach, The Bahamas
- Palm Court Gardens, Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis
- Big Ben Club, Győr
- Renegade Pub - Rendezvous party, Lurdy Supermarket
- Racing-car show - Lurdy Supermarket, Budapest
Corporate events:
- AUDI Hungaria
- KWS Hungary
- IT Navigator
- Lédem 2000
- Schindler Hungaria
- Pipelife Hungaria
- TV2 - A Kiválasztott, Ki lesz Uri Geller utódja?
- SBS6 (Scandinavian Broadcasting System)  - De Nieuwe Uri Geller
- MTV m1 - Teadélután
- Fem3 - Boszorkánykonyha
- DigiTV - Szerdán Estidőben
- Fix.tv
- TV18
Juventus Rádió - Sztársáv; Sztárportré; Rádió6 - Képmás; Klubrádió
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