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Máté Rakonczai
Máté Rakonczai is mentalist and mindreader. He was born in Hungary. He makes wonders with people. With their souls and with their minds. He's an intellectual performer. He's a language teacher according to his diploma. His art is amusement and value transmission for intelligent people.

    Mentalism is controlling, influencing and manipulating of human thoughts and behavioural forms. It is not a supernatural ability! The intention of the entertainment show based on this is bringing to life the wonders and the impossible.

    Máté is the harmony of art and magic. By his fascinating, nice and enigmatic character, he enchants people around him, he even wins the sympathy of the most sceptic one with ease. His playful, amusing shows promise fascinating entertainment. He's an artist, he's a magician who composes his acts according to human dreams and wishes.

    Many thousands of people have been able to see him live during his shows in the past eighteen years. His has performed his shows at company parties, dance balls, fashion shows, openings, weddings, car events, festivals, exhibitions, new year's gala's, mass events, theatre performances and at all kinds of cultural events. By delivering tailor-made, creative shows he turns each event into a success. He is appreciated by both company's and event organizers due to his elegant appearance, professional mentality, enormous experience and never fading enthusiasm.

2006 Illusion Project - www.illuzionista.hu
2008 finalist in The Next Uri Geller TV-show in Hungary
2010 in The Next Uri Geller TV-show in Holland; Mindreading Theater Show in Hungary
2012-Mindreader of the Carnival Cruise Lines

His art is an international language which can be understood in almost every country of the world. He entertains, he transmits emotions, he has an impact on people.
His performance is a special and exclusive theatre show, a special cultural value. The viewers can see and experience things that they had held for impossible before, things that go beyond their knowledge and imagination.