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Máté Rakonczai
Máté Rakonczai is a hungarian mentalist and illusionist, who became well known through the television show "The Successor" producing millions of views on youtube.
    Máté is harmony of art and magic. By his fascinating, nice and enigmatic character, he enchants people around him, he even wins the sympathy of the most sceptic one with ease. His playful, amusing shows promise fascinating entertainment. He's an artist, he's a magician who composes his acts according to human dreams and wishes.
    His art is an international language which can be understood in almost every country of the world. He entertains, he transmits emotions, he has an impact on people.
His performance is a special and exclusive theatre show, a special cultural value. The viewers can see and experience things that they had held for impossible before, things that go beyond their knowledge and imagination.
    Máté is entertaining people - performing his world-tour - on the most exclusive holiday places of the world.